Valentina Villa

Valentina Villa | Architect

I am curious person and curiosity take me to refine my observation ability. I think it's the first step to learn new things.

Why MMA?
MMA is a big family and a professionals team with different background and characteristics; it’s a good environment where you can grow up.

If you had to choose an object or an architecture…
“Niterói Contemporary Art Museum” by Oscar Niemeyer

"Architecture is the learned game, correct and magnificent, of forms assembled in the light”. Le Corbusier


About Valentina
Graduated in Architecture at Politecnico di Milano, Valentina focus her interest in the study of cultural spaces earning a master degree with a thesis for a new Technology museum in Milan. Then she takes part in many national competition as per example: a project for a valorisation of the Dionysus walls in Siracusa or a renovation of Piazza della Scala in Milan. After these academics works she improves her competences in interior design with several important work experiences in architecture and design firms in Milan and in Lugano. She’s joined the MMA Projects’s team in 2016 where she conveys these knowledges in the projects she follows as an architect, especially private villas and residential projects.

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