Alessandra Tagliabue

Alessandra Tagliabue | Senior Architect

I always try to be positive and cheerful. Maybe that’s why I like to play with lights when I start to design, I like to arouse emotions. Then, my other passion is to cook sweets: that’s a field where you have to be accurate to the gram…and also on work I’m precise, down to the last detail.

Why MMA?
I like the dialogue, I love to learn new approaches and to absorb new ideas. Working in MMA Projects allows me to do this every day: I work with professionals with different background, knowledge and know-how, so I can always try to learn as much as possible from all of them.

If you had to choose an object or an architecture…
“Chichu Museum” by Tadao Ando & James Turrel.

“Everything has its beauty, but not everyone sees it”. Confucio


About Alessandra
After the degree in Interior and Architecture at the Politecnico di Milan, Alessandra has continued her studies and earned a Master degree in “Museology, Architecture and Archaeology. Strategic planning and Innovative Management of Archaeological Heritage”. In 2010 she also participated at the “Prix de Rome”, a design competition, winning the first prize. Combine archeology to the reasearch of new volumes to reconstruct the story is her study path but also a passion that she leads as contamination within its work. Alessandra has been working in MMA Projects since 2012, dealing with residential interiors, luxury retail and hotel design.


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