Barbara Michielutti

Barbara Michielutti | Design Manager

Absolutely creativity. That is expressed not only in the paintings that I paint and in my architectures, but also in the caricatures I made with Photoshop and video jokes about my colleagues. Ps: do not let your guard down!

Why MMA?
I believe that freedom is the only way to allow people to express themselves, their own idea, their own peculiarities. Every person must be free to grow and change. And MMA Projects allows all of this.

If you have to choose an object or an architecture…
“Feltrinelli Porta Volta ” by Herzog &  De Meuron

“Shadows are just as important as the light”. Charlotte Bront


About Barbara
Design Manager for the MMA’s creative department she was also the architect for some of the most important projects of the firm, Barbara is been working in MMA Projects since 2009. After the degree in Architecture at the Politecnico di Milano, she has developed expertise both in concept design and interiors, exteriors and gardens design both in the executive phases of the projects. Her creativity is not limited to the study of architectural forms, but leads to the creation of paintings that she also realise on demand.


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