Alessandro Vaghi

Alessandro Vaghi | Managing Director

Obstinate and determinate to defend my ideas to aimed the the optimum achievement of the goals set. I’m constantly looking for improvement because I believe that my achieved goals and results are always improvable.

Why MMA?
Since 1999 I started my professional career in this firm; we have grow together up to what we are today and for me it’s a reason for pride, satisfaction and motivation to go further.

If you had to choose an object or an architecture…
“Berlin Jüdisches Museum” by Daniel Libeskind.

“Our job is not to give the client what he wants but what he never dreamed he wanted and when he gets it he recognises it as something he wanted all the time”. Denys Ladsun


About Alessandro
Graduated in Architecture at the Politecnico di Milano, Alessandro was always passionate about the themes of buildings, housing and living places. Professionally linked to this firm, he collaborated by signing important projects, working on different subjects ranging in the various areas of architectural design: from home to industry, from hotel to business space, from retail to the interior design. In this context, Alessandro grew up obtaining countless professional experiences, realizing the real problems of the living places without limiting creativity and imagination, finding a solution through the invention of new forms that adhering to the society’s ways of life, create a new ones. Thanks to his great experience and professional, Alessandro is the Managing Director of MMA Projects.


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