Giset Paez

Giset Paez | Junior Architect

Developer of creative concept designs that evokes senses and memories  into space.

Why MMA?
MMA allows expressing creativity and curiosity but at the same time precision and clarity. It elevates the level of Interior design and architecture: from an essential detail until the development of a complete master project.

If you had to choose an object or an architecture…
“Villa Spatiale” by Yona Friedman

"Architecture is the will of an epoch translated into space””  Mies van der Rohe


About Giset
Entrepreneurial and creative architect from Colombia has developed throughout her young professional career a few residential projects and interiors refurbishments by her own brand Design&Build based in Colombia. Her brand was focused on providing spatial and architectural solutions through the application of visionary and innovative concepts. Always inspired by the contemporary design, art, and exhibitions in Milan, she moved to Italy in 2018 to specialize in Interior and Spatial Design at Politecnico di Milano. MMA projects opened the doors recently in 2020 to collaborate and support the team for upcoming projects.


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