Valeria Polverino

Valeria Polverino | Senior Architect

In life as well as at work, I am a very thorough and responsible person, and once I set my mind to a project, I dedicate myself completely. My optimistic and proactive attitude lets me see difficulties as new challenges, not to get stuck with “We have a problem”, but be already ahead on searching for solutions. I have experience in working under pressure, meeting tight deadlines and actively collaborating in a team, as well as independently.

Why MMA?
MMA represents for me the dynamic and innovative place where I can challenge and improve my knowledge and skills in the architecture field. The international environment and the interesting projects, together with a modern and inspiring attitude, represent the type of motivation I am looking for.

If you had to choose an object or an architecture…
“The Getty Center” by Richard Meier

“While you can come closer and see” (the Cure)


About Valeria
After collaborating with different companies especially for the modeling and rendering stages of the projects, since 2017 Valeria has been working on design projects with BIM environment, focusing on residential and urban planning.
These opportunities have taught her to confront all the aspects and stages of an architectural project: from the concept and the relationship with clients and suppliers to the construction site and the final realization, she actively participates in turning an idea into reality.


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